West Linn Community Task Force

Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

This is a volunteer group.  Students of each grade level at West Linn High School comprise the task force’s Teen Advisory Board. These courageous, thoughtful, and supportive TAB students — today more than 200+strong — provide input and critical feedback to the Community Living Above group regarding teen activities and events that help with awareness, education, and advocacy for peers whose lives are affected  by influences that don’t support being the best they can be. TAB students also organize and support TAB-run student outreach activities as well as being a one-on-one face in the hallways of school and most recently monthly lunch/support gatherings.

Support, grace, and acceptance is imperative and can be learned by sharing experiences, giving emotional strength and ultimately hope.

These student leaders understand the importance of “making a difference” through their involvement and energy into projects that help send strong peer-to-peer messages that can have a positive impact on others.

If you are interested in being part of this high school group please visit and message us on Instagram – Community_Livingabove,  Twitter -@WLCTF – TAB, Facebook – WLCTF TAB page or text your name to 503-719-2057.

There are currently three main events during the school year and now montly TAB lunches:

Adult Only Event (Fall each year) – this event takes place during the evening and TAB’s assist the presenters with educating and supporting the parents/community.

Student Only Event (Fall each year)- this event takes place during an entire school day and TAB assist the presenters with educating and supporting the students.

Spring Mentor Days (Spring each year) – this event is during the school day and the TAB’s go into the community Middle Schools to speak to the eighth graders about influences that have positive and negative effects on their lives.  They do this by sharing stories, experiences, and advice.

Monthly Support Lunch (3rd Friday of each month during school) – during the lunch time in the Forum at WLHS.  Opportunity to learn, share, and support peers.

If you are on TAB and have ideas on how to support and encourage your peers please let us know by clicking here or posting/messaging on the WLCTF TAB FB page.

TAB – Leaders

The list of speakers and class leads are comprised of students who have been on TAB 1-3 years, have attended the majority of meetings and events, some are new to TAB but came to one of the summer lunches and would like to “jump in,” want to speak publicly/openly about their experiences, or ultimately just want to support their peers while supporting themselves.  Please welcome to the 2016-17 school year the following Leaders:

Mackenna Koppler, Matthew Loun, Jenna Ittershagen, Riley Murphy, Kylie Fretwell, Cody Fretwell, Samantha Innes, and Claire Newrones.  These dynamic leaders will help support and inspire their peers to live above the influences by sharing their experiences, strengths, and hope.


Spring Mentor Days at Rosemont Ridge Middle School


WLHS TAB’s share their experiences with RRMS 8th graders on preventing substance abuse and bullying




8th graders at Athey Creek Middle Schoolers learing about the prevention of substance abuse and bullying.