West Linn Community Task Force

Community Living Above - 2016


Ask the Experts 2016 Shelley Campbell-RN, Mike Stradley - WLPD, Lucinda Awbrey - Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Julie Parrish-Personal Testimony, Donny Wright-Counselor, Melissa Trombetta - MSW,  Alison Mann - Family Perspective



 Kevin Mills introducing the Adult Only Event - 2016



Brian Montgomery - Board Member, Pam Pearce, President and Volunteer Rob Ward.



Donny Wright, is a dual diagnosis counselor who has been providing mental health and addiction services in the area for over 15 years. Adult Only Event - 2016



 TAB students spread the word at West Linn
Farmers Market summer 2016. 

IMG_0804 (1)

West Linn High Schoolers gather during summer break to learn, share and support each other.