West Linn Community Task Force

"Addiction is an insidious, 'hidden' public health crisis, directly impacting over 45 million Americans. In truth, everyone knows someone who is or was afflicted by addiction.  Something must be done…now. Addiction is the fourth most prevalent health problem in the United States, and is the third leading cause of death. Sadly, it has recently become the leading cause of preventable death – more than car accidents and homicides. Our youth are becoming involved with alcohol and other drugs at ever-younger ages, and the drugs they are using are more potent than ever.  Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is stealing America’s youth and is our country’s #1 social and health issue. Something must be done…now." We hope you'll visit www.facingaddiction.com to see what is happening to help solve this national health crisis. Facing Addiction    fa_networkmember-768x179   

We have been awarded a Pilot Project from Facing Addiction - information below:  

Your help and support is needed. Substance abuse and mental health issues are a growing problem in our community and it is time to take action. Prevention and awareness starts when we work together to help friends and families get the assistance they need.
Facing Addiction, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction/mental health issues, has selected West Linn to participate in a pilot program to work to reform public response to influences that hurt our community. Via a grassroots-driven campaign strategy, Facing Addiction will work in partnership with Community Living Above to provide training and guidance to help us bring the issues to the forefront in our community.
The vision of this community effort is to work with elected officials, news media, and social networking to build a broad coalition of support for funding and resources to face the issues head on.
We need volunteers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences - recovery advocates, families that are/have been affected, business owners, law enforcement, educators, city support and involvement, faith leaders, treatment providers, and the medical community. These are but a few areas that we are looking for help and support. If you would like to be involved in any way there is a place for you - big or small involvement I’d like to hear from you.
To kick off this project we’d like to gather everyone June 5th 7-9pm, (location TBD), to set an action plan and start building teams. Feel free to pass this information on to your contacts.
Community support begins with us.
If you are on FB please like our page West Linn Community Task Force. I will then add you to a closed group for Pilot Program updates, events, info.

The West Linn Community Task Force has grown steadily in recent years, with increased participation at our local high school and in the greater community. With support and encouragement from students, the teen drug prevention organization has new name and, more importantly, some exciting news.

Now called Community Living Above (CLA) — the organization changed to a more positive name following teen input from the high school — the organization is based on community collaboration for a drug-free teen youth. CLA was recently selected for Facing Addiction's Pilot Project, making West Linn one of just 15 cities to be selected by the national nonprofit — which provides resources for drug abuse prevention and support on a national level.

Our community is no different than any other community in America when it comes to substance abuse and bullying issues and concerns. We have youth and young adults who use/abuse drugs and alcohol and many are predisposed to substance abuse disorder. We have serious concerns with youth who bully others or are bullied. Our community has a committed group of parents, educators, community leaders, youth and young adults that are facing the problem head on and are doing something about it.

 Our goal is straightforward We are collaborators who work to support youth with prevention education, access to resources, and peer-to-peer encouragement so that they can live above influences that don’t support being the best that they can be.  We look at ourselves as partners with Living Above the Influence.  We hope this web site serves as a resource for finding the tools that meet your needs and your circumstances.  We hope you will help and support us in this very important mission – for our children, for our families, and for our community.

A message from our President, Pam Pearce - "I believe if we confront facts and fears, we achieve real power and unleash a capacity for change.:  I love this quote.  I read the book Willful Blindess by Margaret Heffernan and when I read that quote it was like the clouds parted.  One of the ways I believe we can support this concept is to share our stories.  Here's mine...My story was posted on Heroes in Recovery website today which is an honor.  I want to thank a few people who are very important part of my life journey.  Thank you Jennifer Lio for keeping me alive during college and to husband for being the last person to say - please stop. I wish I could share this with my dad but unfortunately he is no longer living. Genectically he is my match...he "gifted me with a blessing and a curse." To my mom who battled the "elephant" for many years...you are my hero.  Gift in a funny looking box





Events, News, Updates - 2017

  • Several months ago we asked the youth in West Linn to help us come up with a new name for our organization. In February the board voted unanimously on that new name -  COMMUNITY LIVING ABOVE.  Over the next few months we will be transitioning to the new name.  
  • A very special video message for youth from Deen Castronovo, long-time drummer with the band JOURNEY, on lessons learned from his past substance use and abuse. Thanks DEEN for sharing your story & valuable insights to help others! Check out our FB page to hear Deen's message
  • Oregon Recovery High School Initiative - The mission of the Oregon Recovery High School Initiative (ORHSI) is to provide a safe, sober and supportive gold standard education for youth in recovery, where they can develop the skills and strengths needed for personal, academic, vocational and community success. Learn more
  • Adults Only and Students Only - Fall of each year.  Professionals in the Law Enforcement, Juvenile Justice System, Mental Health/Counselors, Testimonies, Bullying facts/info, and resources will be some of the professionals on hand to educate, answer questions and support our community.  
  • Spring Mentor Days for 8th graders - Spring of each year.  at community middle schools.  High School students speak to the eighth graders about influences that have positive and negative effects on their lives.  They share stories, experiences, and advice.
  • Resources for Parent/Family Support, Events, Community Involvement.  Check the calendar for dates and times.